The Forum of Japanese Philosophy

The Forum of Japanese Philosophy was established primarily by the Kyoto University Faculty of Letters Office of the History of Japanese Philosophy, for the purpose of researching the history of Japanese Philosophy, as well as for the purpose of developing networking relationships with that aim of research in view. The Forum of Japanese Philosophy began its activities in April 2000. Its two main activities are its biannual research meeting, The Forum of Japanese Philosophy, and its annual journal, Japanese Philosophy, published by Showado Press. In addition to these activities, The Forum of Japanese Philosophy is committed to developing cooperative relationships with scholars outside of Japan as well as within Japan, for the purpose of promoting further research in Japanese Philosophy. The Forum of Japanese Philosophy thus aims to become a heritage fostering a “place for dialogue”.

In November 2000, volume 1 of the department’s journal, Japanese Philosophy, was published by Showado. The intention of the journal is concisely expressed in the following words from the Editor’s Postscript of volume 1:

“It could be thought that a great deal of time passed by before our department faced the work of Japanese Philosophy directly. However, in order for our vision to become independent and attain the power for opening up a new view, we determined that it would not only be necessary to pay attention to the world outside of our department, but that it would also be necessary to pay attention to what would be based on our own efforts. Of course, this does not mean that we have limited our viewpoint toward our own interests. On the contrary, we are convinced that the dialogue which emerges from difference is especially necessary. We are convinced that it is through this very dialogue that our ideas will become creative in the true sense. It is with this aim of dialogue in mind that we determined to establish the journal, Japanese Philosophy.”