Journal “Philosophy Studies”『哲学研究』


“Philosophy Studies” is a journal published by the Kyoto Philosophical Association, which was formed by Kitaro Nishida, Sanjuro Asanaga, and other staff members of Kyoto University’s philosophy department in its early days.

In an essay titled “The Inauguration of Philosophical Studies,” Sanjuro Asanaga wrote the following about the circumstances of the first issue. “The Kyoto Philosophy Department has been in existence for about ten years now, and as the number of teachers and graduates has been increasing, we wanted to publish a journal that would serve as a study guide for the graduates and teachers themselves.”

The first issue, published in April 1916, contained an article by Nishida entitled “Contemporary Philosophy” 「現代の哲学」 and the second issue contained an article by In the second issue, Hajime Tanabe’s “On Universality”「普遍に 就いて」 was published. The journal was published monthly at the time, and from 1916 to the following year, Nishida wrote a monthly article that would later be compiled into『自覚に於ける直観と反省』. The article “Place” was also published in Philosophical Studies.

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